Manitoba / Saskatchewan

Products and applications

TCIM’s head office is in Winnipeg where we have a large team of experienced underwriters under the supervision of our Executive Vice President, Underwriting, Danielle Tuboly.

Head office’s main markets are Manitoba and Saskatchewan but it also brings support to the other region when required.

Shelley Tanchak is Vice President, Central Canada and Marli Baluk is Vice President, Business Development. The underwriting team also includes Bonnie Penner, Tammy Fontaine, Chantal Antonakis, Kim Antonakis and Serena Bauer that have acquired significant underwriting expertise in the past years.

TCIM, with now more than 25 years in the MGA business servicing central Canada, benefits from support of a wide number of carriers and understands the complex environment that retail brokers have to deal with.

We can provide terms for standard or non-standard property accounts and also participation on your larger accounts where capacity is a challenge.

Our internal capacity allows our team to provide terms for Grain Risks, Agricultural Services and Farming accounts as well.

With regards to hard to place property accounts, we have access to approximately 75M$ of capacity for high hazard, high CAT exposure and occupancies where local markets have restricted appetite.

It may be a Sawmills, Food processing, Textiles, Chemical production, Waste and Recycling, etc.. (minimum premium of $150,000);

TCIM’s team also benefits from significant casualty capacities allowing us the write, in-house, hard to place accounts. In addition, we have access to a number of domestics and Lloyds markets for the accounts that would be outside our internal authority.

Grain Risks – Seed Plants, Grain Elevators & Feed Mills included Seedmen’s E&O

Agricultural Services – Fertilizer Plants/Chemical Warehouses including EIL

Manufacturing/Processing – Liability and Property

Farming – Grain, Beef, Dairy, Hog, and Poultry Farms

Hard to Place – Apartment Blocks and Rental Dwellings

Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions