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Over the years we have been able to develop facilities that meets each specific region needs. In addition to property and commercial general liability, we have authority for E&O, D&O and EIL coverages across Canada. In all region we can also provide participation for your larger property accounts. As such we invite you to choose your insured’s region and download the necessary application. Briefly, we have very wide capacities for, but not limited to, manufacturing and/or construction enterprises in BC including limited sales in the USA. We can provide property and commercial general liability coverages.

  • In Alberta, we aim for commercial general liability coverage for most types of operations. We can also provide property coverage in support of commercial general liability accounts.
  • In Manitoba and Saskatchewan, we have in-house expertise for farms and property facilities to provide coverage for farm buildings, equipment, elevators, etc. In addition to our in-house capacities we have access to specialized markets for additional capacity if needed. Our underwriters can also provide property capacity for manufacturing enterprises and a number of other industries. We can also provide general liability coverages for a very wide array of operations.
  • Ontario has a strong base of manufacturing enterprises and our in-house capacities are designed to provide property and commercial general liability to small and medium size enterprises.
  • In Quebec, our underwriters have extensive expertise in commercial general liability accounts specializing in the construction and manufacturing industry. Additionally, we can offer property coverage for standard or non-standard property and commercial general liability for short term events and equestrian centers.