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In 2020, TCIM merged with Profescau Assurance Spécialisée Inc. that’s now 25 years in the MGA business for hard to place casualty accounts. As such we have retained the name and we operate under the trading name of Profescau Assurance Spécialisée in Quebec.

We are based in Laval, where we have a team of experienced underwriters under the supervision of Sylvain Cinq-Mars, Vice President, Quebec.

We have developed expertise in everything that is related to construction, including wrap-ups, and manufacturing. We also have a sizable portfolio of equestrian centres (liability).

We have significant in-house authority for casualty accounts and have access to additional markets if your needs fall out of our authority.

On the property side, we can offer participation on standard or non-standard business.

With regards to hard to place property accounts, we have access to approximately 75M$ of capacity for high hazard, high CAT exposure and occupancies where local markets have restricted appetite.

It may be a Sawmills, Food processing, Textiles, Chemical production, Waste and Recycling, etc.. (minimum premium of $150,000).

Comprehensive General Liability – Construction Industry

Comprehensive General Liability – Equestrian Center

Special Events

Natural Body Products Manufacturers

Comprehensive General Liability – Welding Workshop

Premises Liability