British Columbia

Products and applications

In British-Columbia, both Jenny Di Tomaso and Michael Hirsch have been with TCIM for a number of years and, as such, have acquired detailed knowledge and understanding of TCIM’s in house facilities for small and medium enterprises.

TCIM contracts allow for the coverage of sales in the USA for your Canadian based insured as long as it doesn’t exceed more then % of the total receipts.

In the event that it does exceeds %, we do have markets that will consider providing terms after reviewing a detailed application.

Your insured has plans to build a new head office? Or extend it’s current warehouse? We will be please to provide Wrap-Up and Course of Construction protections.

We can also provide your insured with property coverage for Vacant Risks and/or Sub-Standard Risks under our in-house facilities. If required, we can also offer lead or non-lead participation.

Over the years, using our internal facilities, we have built a significant portfolio of Commercial General Liability, including Manufacturing, Construction and many other classes that can prove to be difficult to market.

In addition to standard CGL, we can provide coverages for Professional Liability and Errors and Omissions as well as Directors & Officer’s Liability.

Although TCIM benefits of significant in-house capacities in British-Columbia, we don’t pretend to be able to meet all of your insureds needs internally and we have therefore developed a very wide network of markets whose underwriters will be happy to provide terms for the risks that falls outside TCIM’s contracts. Property or Casualty.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Jenny or Michael to discuss your specific risks requirements.

Contractor’s General Liability – CE&I

Commercial General Liability – Manufacturing/Processing

Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions

Special Events

Property – Vacant building – Licensed Establishments (not in Hotel/Inn/Resort no live entertainment nor Dancing)